Jolanta Marciniak (photo)

The Centre for Expertise and Technical Progress "SIMP-ZORPOT" is an economic agenda of the Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (SIMP).

The firm is managed by Jolanta Marciniak

SIMP-ZORPOT within its consulting activities carries out and runs:

  • Complex assesments of assets (land, buildings, installations, means of transport, machines and equipment) like:
    • office buildings (13 store building - property of the Foreign Trade Company "Universal" - assesment of the building value with installation, land and office aquipment - furniture, computer sets etc.)
    • hotels ("Holiday Inn" Hotel in Warsaw - a complex assesment of the building, furniture, kitchen & office equipment)
    • industrial enterprises (giant textile, cosmetic and food-processing factories, glass-works, power plants, mechanical and building engineering plants)
    • small industrial plants and workshops
    • process lines
    • licences and patents
  • Complex economic consultations
  • Technical and economic expertise reports
  • Technical analyses
  • Machines and technical installations designing
  • Technical and assembly start-up supervision of new production lines and complete industrial plants
  • Magnetic, ultrasound and radiographic non-destructive material testings
  • Technical supervision

We serve clients all over the country according to highest competence and authority.

We offer competitive prices and short time-limits.

Our testimonials are acknowledged by banks, courts as well as state and fiscal officess.